Palo Alto Junior Museum
Palo Alto Junior Museum, 1944


Out of the File Cabinet, Into the Classroom -
Use these education resources to teach about Palo Alto History. These resources were created by high school students for use in third grade local history units.

PAHA YouTube Channel -
Learn about Palo Alto History and historical landmarks by viewing these entertaining and informative videos.


The Palo Alto History Project -
The Palo Alto History Project is a collection of articles and photographs on the history of Palo Alto. The creation of local teacher and historian Matt Bowling, it features articles on aspects of life in Palo Alto. Matt invites readers to send him their comments and questions.


Barron Park -
Barron Park become part of Palo Alto in 1975. Located in the southwestern section of Palo Alto it has an interesting history that is not widely known.

Organizations, Societies, Museums

Museum of American History -
A local gem, MOAH preserves and presents the inventions and technology of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Palo Alto Stanford Heritage (PAST) -
PAST is a nonprofit organization supporting the preservation of the historic architecture, neighborhoods, and character of the greater Palo Alto-Stanford area through informed citizen involvement and education.

Los Altos History Museum -
Dedicated to collection, preserving and interpreting the history of the Los Altos area.

The Stanford Historical Society -
Stanford history and traditions.